Notice of Deploy Defect - 2023-01-26

This is a notification of a defect which was live in the CommCare codebase in the time period Jan 25 03:13 UTC to Jan 26 13:48 UTC.

Nature of Defect
Due to a bug, new application builds created with CommCareHQ will be malformed and fail to install or update onto mobile devices, displaying the error “A part of your application is invalid.”

Required Response
If your CommCare environment was deployed during this period, you will need to perform a new deploy to correct the issue. If you did not deploy between Jan 25 03:13 UTC and Jan 26 13:48 UTC no response is required.

It is recommended to deploy affected environments as soon as possible to limit the window where the defect will affect potential builds.

After the deploy, a new build will be required for any app with a latest build that was within your environment’s live defect window. Mobile devices will not have been able to process builds affected by this issue, so no further maintenance or management should be required.