Not receiving Repeat Group data using DET

I have a form where i have one repeat group. I am trying to download the data using DET but i am not able to see data of the repeat group. I have created a separate table for my repeat group. The details are as follows
01.Commcare export version: 1.8.1
02. OS Linux: Ubuntu 20.10. This is test matching. The production server will have Ubuntu 18
03. The data is taken into mysql (mariadb) version 10.3.29 through commcare-export itself where I have separate tables for repeat and not repeat group as per the query file
04. I have downloaded Excel query file from the "Form Data Export" menu
05. The data source in the Repeat group is form.form.Illness_History[*]
06. The tab name in the Query file matches the table names in mysql
07. I tested the download with two tabs (one for no repeat questions and other for repeat group questions: as provided by "DET Config" ) in excel query file and as two separate query files
08. I am getting the data in The no repeat group table in all cases but not in the repeat group table in any way
09. I have not created child case for the repeat group

Please suggest the correct way to download

Please ignore this as I got the answer. Actually we had modified the form and incidentally there was no data in the repeat group section. So i was not getting any download. However, i am not able to download the number field so i do not have nay reference filed between non repeat and repeat group questions. And what should be the reference filed(s) if the repeat is 3 omore levels deep