New Version conecct Power Bi

When I create new versions with new fields, these new fields are not displayed in Power Bi, and to solve this I have to delete the old Odata Feed and create a new one to recognize the new fields in the new version.
Is there any way to update Power Bi and have it recognize all the new fields in the new released versions?

Hello @Eladio ,
In Power Bi you a refresh datasets i don't remember the exact location . i will look into and get back to you

Yes, it updates the data, the detail is that it does not obtain the new data from the new version of the application.

If the new version added a new question, this question is not displayed in Power Bi.

If it is displayed creating a new data feed

Hi @Eladio
Did you add the that question in export config ?

Yes, but when you edit the feed, you make a new copy, and the copy already has the data, but the initial feed is outdated.
Could there be an option to only edit the Feed, without making a copy?