New Validation Error

Hi all...

i designed this form in xls, and tested it in KoboCollect, and everything was working right. However, when i try to test it in CommCare, I ran into this error... please see the screenshot below. kindly assist me in troubleshooting the error.

Many thanks

This means that you're trying to register an event odk-instance-first-load in the form which is not supported by commcare. You can check this event by opening the form xml(follow this link for reference) and searching for odk-instance-first-load.

We only support the following events in commcare:

  • jr-insert
  • xforms-value-changed
  • xforms-ready
  • xforms-revalidate

I'm not sure about the meaning of this custom action that you're trying to use. I'm guessing it means that you wanna trigger something when the form loads for the first time? If that's the case, you can replace all occurences of odk-instance-first-load with xforms-ready that'd give you the same outcome.

Otherwise, another way to fix the issue is to edit the source xml of form and remove all events using odk-instance-first-load.

I just checked ODK XForms Specification for odk-instance-first-load event and it's the same as xforms-ready. So you can definitely replace all occurrence of odk-instance-first-load to xforms-ready using the form xml editor and it should work.