New user invitation forward to login page

Hi there

we are facing user creation problem for already existing users.


  1. delete already existing web user eg:

  2. send an invitation to .

  3. the user received an email invitation, and click on accept invitation.

  4. the link forwards to login page instead of create account page.

Hi Demis,

How are you deleting the user? I don't think we have a supported workflow for deleting a web user - it might be best instead to follow the forgot password flow if the user has forgotten their password.

Otherwise if you just "removed" them from the project space using this workflow and are trying to reinvite them, they should follow the forgot password workflow to gain access to their account, and be added back to the project space.

Hope that helps!


Hey Demis,
Can you try accessing instead (with www in front)? That works for me. It seems like there is no DNS entry for

You might need to change the BASE_ADDRESS in your settings file to be instead of to fix the link generation in the future.


Hi Farid,

yes, it works by adding www prefix.

when searching for BASE_ADDRESS i got on the values on the following file.

commcare-cloud/src/commcare_cloud/ansible/roles/commcarehq/templates/ = '{{ SITE_HOST }}'

And there is a SITE_HOST settings in

nginx_max_worker_connection: 1024
nginx_worker_rlimit_nofile : 131072

www prefix already added. Is there any other place that i should change?

Hi Farid,

reset-password functionality is not working. That is why we are forced to delete-user then invite-user process for webusers who forgot thier password.

Here is the error ddisplayed for forgot password process.

  1. click on forgot your password, then add email
  2. Password reset email will be sent on through email immediately
  3. when a user clicks on the link, like:** the following error page is displayed.