New in CommCare: Feature Previews

Dear Users,

Our team of developers is constantly working on new features for
CommCareHQ. Sometimes a feature will be functional, but we are still
working on the user experience. To get these features into your hands
sooner rather than later, we created Feature Previews!

Feature Previews lets you enable features that we are still actively
developing and are not quite ready yet. You can find the previews in the
settings page of your project space. There are three features there to
start with, but you can expect there to be more over time. As our
developers continue to work on the feature, you may see it changing over
time and finally moving out of Feature Previews to become available for

Before you enable a feature preview, please understand

  • Feature Previews will often require more technical expertise than usual
  • The UI may change over time

We welcome your feedback about feature previews! Please don’t hesitate to
put ideas on Uservoice http://dimagi.uservoice.comor report problems with
the “Report an Issue” button.

Amelia and the CommCareHQ Team