New documentation on the CommCare Wiki Page

Dear CommCare Users,

Our field team has been hard at work developing guidance material to help
you and your teams understand new features on CommCareHQ and how to use

The wiki page is located

When you’re logged in on CommCareHQ, there is also a handy button you can
click on for direct access to the wiki page. Find it on the black panel at
the bottom of the screen.

Here is a list of latest documentation updates on our wiki page and of
course more to come.

Create Applications - Tips in our *Getting Started with CommCare *section:

Our section on using Multimedia in CommCare has new content!

New resources are available in our Training and Implementation Support

*Monitor Your Project - *Learn about the different reports, and exports

If you have ideas and/or suggestions for content on the wiki, please free
free to send me a request at

Have a great day!