National ID that has 18 digit

I have created my app and work but when recoding data I realize that enumerator can not enter 18 digits on the question Called "You National ID " our national Id has 18 digits! any option that I can use number and allocate 18 digits?


Hi Theogene,

I would confirm that the question type for the “You National ID” question in the form is the Phone Number or Numeric ID (see below)?


Said question type should let your mobile users enter the 18 digits of the national id number.

From that picture, I choose the phone number but on the entered ID I still miss out 3 digits to add from the above example.


It looks like the app preview adds a constraint that the field not contain more than 15 characters. This is a bug - I’ll forward it to the support team. If you report an issue, they should be able to keep you appraised of the status.

I’m not positive, but my guess is that this bug is only an issue on live preview and Web Apps. I’d expect this to work fine on a mobile device. If you need to support Web Apps, you may try using a text field in the meantime, though of course that won’t prevent users from entering letters.

I tried in the tablet there is the same issue, I have changed the question to the text in order to allow enumerator collecting data.

What version of the mobile app are you running? I just created a test form with a Phone Number or numeric ID question and the app allowed me to enter 30 digits. It’s possible an older version may have had a bug preventing entering more characters.