My emulator and phone app aren't giving the same results

  1. I’m trying to test a survey using the emulator and this keeps coming up “Cannot get question prompts from a non-field-list group” . What does this mean and how do I solve it?
  2. The survey works perfectly well on the phone but not on the emulator. Why am I seeing differences between the emulator and the phone app?

Thank you.

Hi J_Kones,
There some functions that cannot be reflected while using the emulator, and that is why CommCare HQ tells you that not all functions are supported by the Emulator.

Thank You

Hey J

you can make it behave a little closer to the phone experience if you log in as a mobile worker through the emulator. that fixes stuff that references the user properties and things like username/location/hierarchy stuff. I run a number of user level based apps that will never behave correctly with a web user



The experience may also work better if you switch into/out of “One Question Per Screen” mode in the Emulator settings.

There are some limitations specifically around Repeats in the web player when using “counts” as well as manually added repeat items

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