My app displays 'finish' before the end of the form


I have built a survey which has 14 questions and I have installed it on bluestacks but after filling the first three questions, the form displays ‘finish’ but it should go to the end, that is, until the fourteenth question.

  1. record a location (gps)
  2. select the district
  3. select the health facilty the neighborhood

Before filling the 4th question I get ‘finish’ message. Iam puzzled and I need some help. Questions 2 and 3 are lookup tables.


Are you sure your app is on the correct version locally?

You can also click the “three button” menu in form entry and press “Go to Prompt” to see if your questions are appearing there. If not, there is likely an issue with your Display Conditions, or you are running an older version of your form/app content.

Hi, Clayton,

When I press ‘go to prompt’, I see only 4 questions, but there are 14 questions. I have only two display conditions. there are no display conditions in the first 4 questions mentioned above.

I have a display condition in the fifth question which asks if the patient wants to participate in the survey. if they answer yes, we fill all the questions in a group. if they answer no, we go to the end of the form. Iam filling the last version of the form, but not all questions appear.

Everything works well on the CommCareHQ Emulator. the app on the emulator shows ‘finish’ at the end of the form; in bluestacks and on samsung galaxy tab 3 it shows ‘finish’ after question 3 but when I click on the arrow to move forward in the form I can see the oher questions.

Hi Mussavene Ferdinand, I have experienced your problem before and the key problem is that you have a skip that is making the rest of the questions not to appear.
I suggest that you:

  1. Remove all the skips or logic displays (you can copy the current xml file somewhere which can help you return the logic displays later)
  2. Run the app without any logic display conditions and check if its running from start to end
  3. If the app doesn’t run as expected return to number 1 and verify if its done
  4. If the app runs from start to end, start adding one display condition at a time until all are working as expected
  5. If all the above steps fail, send me the xml i help you check the problem

Thank you very much, Martin. I have followed the steps mentioned above and now the problem is solved. The app nows runs from start to end.

Thank you again for your help.

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I am delighted that you got through, you have made my day, success in your project