Multiple data sources in Report Builder

Hello, I’m new to Report Builder, here’s my newbie question:
Can the report builder use different forms as data source (assuming both forms use the same case) ?
If limited to one form, can I access case properties while building the report?

Hi Javier,

Sorry it took so long to get an answer to this!

Unfortunately there’s currently no way to use a mixed data model with the Report Builder layer.


Thanks Clayton, we are either exporting and then merging with pandas or using commcare-export but both ways are a bit advanced for most web users. I’m trying to develop a flexible commcare-export tool that can be used in several projects, I have more questions about it but will add another question for this.

No problem. It may be also worth investigating the OData Feed Integration with PowerBI/Tableau as another way of doing data transformations based on the feeds.

We would also welcome any Open Source extensions to the data-export tool, if there are limitations which have clear solutions. Many organizations are using some variation or another of it to perform data transforms, so improvements to how it works would be broadly helpful.