Multi-layered services provision tacking

I'm designing a multi-layered services provision to Beneficiaries. The services cut across most sectors and based on assessment, beneficiaries get services from different sectors. We have a total of 5000 beneficiaries from different regions /districts/ villages.

The CommCare menu are:

  • Vulnerable HH and individual have sufficient food
  • Vulnerable Community members' livelihood transformed
  • PSNP system delivers accountable, effective and shock-response services.

In each of this menu ( modules) there are a number of forms below each with subcategory of services. The 5000 beneficiaries list, I have used table look for the mapping that feeds into Registration. My question for your support is "what function of CommCare can I use to ensure that each individual only appear on the menu/module that he /she is listed for the services but not appear in all the menus ?. I have been thinking of the use of Display condition but sure if it's the right one since the number of beneficiaries is so large. Your technical advise on this issue is most appreciated.

You can add a column in your table lookup that specifies where each beneficiaries falls, and then use this column in the display logic to display only the beneficiary that fall under a particular group.

Hi Bukenya,

Thanks for the response and much appreciated. Would this work if some beneficiaries belong to more than one group ?. .