MS ODBC 18 driver

Has anyone managed to get the Commcare export tool working with the new MS ODBC 18 drivers?

I happen to reinstall a new VPS and my old connection string which was using 17 does not work. The instructions on the wiki are also still referencing the 17 drivers: Exporting Data - CommCare Public - Global Site
Searching the internet it looks like the 18 drivers are using encryption by default. I tried several things, but do not know how to approach the suggestion in combination of the Commcare export tool

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to connect to Azure SQL server

WIth a fresh mind just realizedd a error got into my connection string.
By this I can confirm the tool works with the ODBC 18 drivers and Ubuntu 22.04 by just changing the 17 to 18 as provided by the instructions mentioned above.