MoH Madagascar - Check the stability of the on-premises instance

hello great team

following our local installation, and the resolutions of the problems in this post, we were able to solve the problem of "couchdb" and "Redis" and "celery" after some corrections of our configuration

Thank you very much for your help, but currently we still have another error, all the services are working

but we still have an error on the platform simulator, if you can give us some tips to solve this problem

thank you so much

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Restarting all services of "commcare" via "commcare-cloud cluster service commcare restart" command, I discovered that there is an error when "nginx" tries to find the server "" which matches "Formplayer" but I don't know how to solve it

I already tried to redeploy via "commcare-cloud cluster deploy formplayer" and "commcare-cloud cluster update-config --limit formplayer" command but it didn't work

Hi, @Mirado .

Thanks for reaching out.

I'm going to send a direct message to you with regards to this matter.

Kind regards.