Module filtering vs form display display condition

I have three modules in my app as show in the screenshort below:

Module I: Registo

Module II: seguimento de pacientes

Module III: seguimento de referencias na US.

In module III, I just want to view only a list of patients if the answer is Sim to the question: paciente referido para modelos diferenciandos? In module Two.

I have used a form display condition on the form in module III so that it shows the questions if the answer is SIM , but when I click on this module, I see all the patients, even those whose answer is Não in the question in module II.

I would like to know if the logic Iam trying to implement is correct or not. Is it all possible to use module flitering based on the answer of a question in a form?

I have set the same case type – patient – for all 3 modules.

Thanks in advance

logic is correct but same case type show you all registered case so change case type as per module.

Thank you, Latifa, for your help.