Missing translation option?

I cant seem to find the translation for the word STOP when a form is initially opened. See picture below when loading the form.

The closest translation code I can find is the text on this message see below:
odk_please_wait = Por favor, aguarde alguns instantes. = Please wait a few moments.

Its very possible that this translation doesnt exist yet as I cant seem to find it in the translation list. I would like to know for sure though that I havent missed it.

To know either way would be much appreciated.


Also to add to this... The Commcare > Settings menu:

There is a translation for Opt Out of Analytics
home.menu.disable.analytics = Desativar análise = Opt Out of Analytics

See pic below:

However there dont seem to be any for the rest is that correct or are they maybe just not shown? This is all I see for home.menu.

home.menu.update=Update App
home.menu.validate=Validate Media
home.menu.locale.change=Change Language
home.menu.locale.select=Choose your Language
home.menu.formdump=Manage SD
home.menu.wifi.direct=Wifi Direct
home.menu.connection.diagnostic=Connection Test
home.menu.saved.forms=Saved Forms
home.menu.about=About CommCare
home.menu.disable.analytics=Opt Out of Analytics
home.menu.pin.set=Set My PIN
home.menu.pin.change=Change My PIN
home.menu.update.commcare=Update CommCare


Not sure if this helps your case @Calvin but I think you can access CommCare's Translations by clicking on App Settings -> Expand "Bulk CommCare Translations" . Here you download bulk CommCare Translations , upload your local translation and reupload it.

Hi Ashish,

Thank you for your response. I was aware of that, unfortunately I am looking for the specific keys for the translations I have given above. I cannot seem to find them in particular.

You can find the full list of available keys well that I can see anyway, with the below link:

However the ones I am looking for dont seem to exist.