Missing cases after reassigning

I have used the “report a problem” button on commcarehq but I don’t have access to that email address anymore, so I won’t be able to get the response?!

Anyway, we had problems with one of our mobile worker logins. So I created a new worker and we reassigned all the cases as per the CommCare instructions. However, only around 40 cases appeared in the list. There should have been 921 cases. And now if I look at the caselist by mobile worker, the old worker shows zero and the new worker just shows 40 plus the few new cases he’s created . Its been over a week since we reassigned, so I don’t think we can blame slow internet anymore… So 900 cases seem to have GONE ?!?

Please please advise. This is very stressful! And I am trying to coordinate it in South Sudan which adds an extra level of stress.



Hi Natasha,

I’ve reached out to our support team so we can reconnect you to the support ticket.

Someone should be messaging you directly to ask for a new contact email.