Migrating of project from one instance to a new instance

While going through step number 4 on this link we get the

attached error.

Hi @fchiyenda

Can you access the site, and make any domains at all?

A 404 error from couch actually means the database doesn’t exist: 1.3.1. /db — Apache CouchDB® 3.2 Documentation

I'm wondering if somehow the database got deleted, or that migrations have never been run.

Could you please:

Hope that helps


We tried to Wipe the Persistent Data again

$ cchq monolith django-manage wipe_blobdb --commit is giving the following error:

We continued on with the rest of the steps (successful) but got the following error on $ cchq monolith django-manage preindex_everything:

Hello Clara,

Regarding the errors for preindex_everything, you can see that the mail is getting rejected as the mail is configured to send to commcarehq-ops+admins@example.com. You will have to replace that address with an actual address via the variable server_admin_email in your environment's public.yml and deploy localsettings change.

The error that you are getting while trying wipe_blobdb is an indication that the Postgres database doesn't have the blobdb tables in the first place. This is likely due to running the commands out of sequence than given in the docs.

If you keep running into errors while deleting data in your environment, you could try to clear database data at the database level (rather than via CommCareHQ commands) and redeploy using cchq <env> deploy.