Media Position - Image above choices

Hi all!

I’m including images with some of my questions on a form and want to change the position in which they are displayed.

Currently they are being displayed below the question and the multiple choice options by default. I would like the image to display below the question but ABOVE the multiple choice options. Any way to exert more control over media positioning?


Hey Patty,

Are you adding the image to your question or to a choice in your multilple choice question ? For me if I attach the image to the multiple choice question itself, it shows up below the question text and above the multiple choice options like shown in the image below.

That’s exactly what i’m looking to do! How do you attach an image to the question itself?


You should be able to click on the multi choice question and upload an image in the Media section by clicking on ‘Image’ followed by ‘Upload Image’. Refer to this screenshot -

Hi, hopefully you don’t mind me tagging along on this question: What would keep the image from not showing? I followed your steps (attached image to multi choice question, checked media box, and upload image however it’s still not showing