Media only module

Hi there, I would like to create a module that is a job aid - not a survey or case list. I worked on CommCare previously before they changed some of the language regarding modules and folders etc. Not sure if that is what is throwing me off or what. I basically want to upload a job aid that users can refer to. Should I just create a “survey” where the first question is “view job aid?” and if yes, they see media content?

Hi Amanda!

Sorry for the confusion about the lingo used on the web app!

A “Survey” form is simply one which doesn’t create a case, or require a case to be chosen from a list before you fill it out. It sounds like that’s the right form to add multimedia content for a job aid.

If you want to explore what your app’s navigation will end up looking like, you can pull up the Live Preview pane on the right hand side of the website to see an up-to-date example of the app (note that questions in forms are displayed all-at-once, though). That might help when answering some questions about what different menu/module options look like