Manual extraction of data from tablets to excel

Hi community,
I have a situation whereby i deployed an app and users started collecting data. My app allows saving incomplete forms. User01 reported bug that validation at form completion cannot allow her to submit data/hit finish button. She did several interviews and saved incomplete. I did an update to fix the bug but she didn’t update to fix the validation bug. I did more changes to the app and moved questions into groups and other users updated to the new version. This user01 had a problem in submitting forms, and on updating to the grouped version, user01 gets an error still, cant finish the incomplete interviews, and i need the incomplete forms.Now the Question, where do i get the incomplete forms manually from the phones file manager? I checked several folders but i cant seems to find where CommCare stores incomplete forms in the phone’s memory?

Hi Martin,

Unfortunately, updating the application will not update a form once the user has started to fill the form and saved it as incomplete. The incomplete form is stored on the phone in an encrypted state, and you cannot make changes to it.

Please see this article for more information on this type of situation.

In your case, the user will have to either complete the incomplete form in the state where the validation condition will allow them to submit the form, or submit new forms entirely using the new application version. It is usually recommended not to leave incomplete forms open for a long time, as this can affect your data collection. For more information, see this article.


Thanks very much @Kishan_Sampat the link was very resourceful, i will try to explore the links to seek a solution. Kudos for the timely help


Hi Martin,

One other potentially useful workaround:

CommCare will load the incomplete form’s data into whatever the newest
up-to-date version of the form is, so if the validation condition is
corrected and the app is updated you should be able to submit those
incomplete forms normally as long as the forms aren’t changed in other ways
which would make them incompatible with the previous versions.


Thanks very much Clayton for your much contribution to Commcare forums. Unfortunately i added some groups and put the existing questions in those groups so make it incompatible with the earlier versions. Thanks @Clayton_Sims