Manage duplicates data in CommCare

Hi all,
Some one can show me how we manage duplicate data in CommCare.

Hi Meango,

You can use the Archive Forms functionality to remove the data collected in duplicate forms from your case data and reports (the archived forms will still be displayed in Daily Saved exports, but not other exports). You can also inspect duplicate forms using the “Raw Forms, Errors & Duplicates” Report under the Manage Deployment Reports.

When you export your form data you can also de-select the checkbox “Include duplicates and other unprocessed forms” so that CommCare automatically removes duplicate forms (forms in which every variable collected by the mobile user is the same) from your form data export.

Hope this helps!


Dear Kaley,

When i export my data, I do not have the option “Include duplicates and other unprocessed forms:”.
Why do i not have this option? Does that mean i do not have duplicates?

Kind regards,

Hi Nils,

That option has been removed. Duplicate forms are generally not an issue under normal operation - they’re not created by users filling out the same form the same way - they can happen if there’s an issue where the device submits the same form twice, though in that case only one form is treated as “real” anyways.