Making cases accessible only to mobile workers that register the cases

Hello, i have a couple of surveys deployed and have all the mobile workers belong in a case sharing group. But i observed that mobile workers that did not register a case have the privilege to update the properties of such case, which is not right. Please how do i limit updating cases properties to the mobile workers that registered such case despite having the mobile workers sharing cases.

To begin with, I believe you are talking about a Case Management app but not a survey.

Now to answer your question, if you enable Case Sharing then you are saying that all the mobile workers have access to all registered cases irrespective of who registered.

If that is not what you intend to do then deactivate the Case Sharing.

Good luck.


Thank you, i figured that out and i have deactivated case sharing. On updating the application to check that cases registered by a mobile worker are the only ones accessible, i still see all the cases. Is there a something that needs to be done to get those cases not registered by the particular mobile worker off their phones?

If you have existing cases assigned to case-sharing groups, you’ll need to reassign those cases to the correct mobile workers. Your users will then need to sync before the changes take effect.