Lower-case function is giving error


I am using lower-case() function in hidden value but when i am rendering the form then it's giving me error.
Error: loadErrors: FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: lower-case(/model/instance[1]/data/lower_case_test), message: callNative() can't handle nodeset functions yet for lower-case()
Attach is the screenshot of the error.
Please help me to resolve this error.

Thanks & Regards,
Zeeshan Ahmad

This implies that the xpath path which you are passing to the function (/model/instance[1]/data/lower_case_test) doesn't refer to a single node, but might be a repeat or other situation where there are multiple elements at that path.

Is that the case for your data model?


I have also checked this syntax in calculate condition.
lower-case("I AM ZEESHAN")

That seems really strange. lower-case("I AM ZEESHAN") is definitely a valid XPath Expression.
I also couldn't find the Note question type that you're using here. Have you done any changes to your local CommCare version?

Yes I have changed the label to Note.
But for 'text' field it's also not working.
What are you using to render the form?

Hi Team.
Please help me to resolve this problem.

Hi @zash0012 ,

It seems like that error message is coming from Enketo, not from CommCare. You can try and file an issue with their team if you believe it is an error.

Hi @Farid_Rener,

Thank you !
I will check with Enketo.