Lookup table and report issue

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We would like to know how to setup property in report field?
We have already the field name in the look up table.
Means that can we put the loon up table field name in report and can we make search box for lookup table?

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Answering your questions in reverse order:

You can allow users filling out a form to search a lookup table single-select by setting a "combobox" appearance on the question. This will let users search and then select a matching item from a filtered dropdown menu and is well supported for long lists.

On your reporting - Unfortunately there isn't currently a way to pull in a lookup table reference into a report by the ID of a selected value.

What you can do instead is perform the lookup to add the description data directly to your form or case by creating a hidden value question which queries the table for the value you want to add. The field will then be available for reports.

in your case that would look something like

instance('item-list:Medicine_tb')/Medicine_tb_list/Medicine_tb[medicine_id = #form/medicine_list]/medicine_description
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Thanks you for comments, i will just test it.

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Hi Clayton,

it's seen working fine. Thanks you very much.

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Glad to hear! Happy to help.