Loading all location IDs in the parent hierarchy

We are trying to load all locations which are above the hierarchy level in which the user exists. For example, in the following hierarchy, .
—> Woreda -> Health Center -> Health Post
we would like to load and display all health centers and their IDs inside the current Woreda. We used instance expression to load location IDs in session. We were able to load location IDs of parent health center and parent Woreda, but we couldn’t load health centers which are in the same level, that is inside the Woreda.
Is there any way to load all locations when the app loads?


You can. The Advanced Level Configurations give you a lot of power and control over what locations are distributed to each user based on the location they are assigned to.

As you test this setting, you may also find it helpful to view the Raw Sync Data that is being sent to each user to view what locations are sent to devices.