Little blue "other question" boxes pop-up when mouse rollover-- can drive you nuts

Hi all –

Like everyone, I’m impressed by the new forms editor features whereby case
properties can be simply drag-and-dropped in to the code without complex
"loading" in the case management, etc…

But one side effect of a choice that was made about User Interface is
making for a sort of irritating result.

Maybe I’m the only person that perceives this, if so, then that’s that.

Namely, when I am in a forms editor box such as a Calculate Condition box,
and therefore there are a number of the cool blue bars that represent any
question value that was dropped in from some other location…

… the current behavior is that when there is any mouse rollover of that
blue box, it springs up and shows a large information pop-up, which mainly
serves to show you what question it came from.

That is cool that it can do that, but the fact that it is simply a mouse
that triggers that pop-up is really making for a lot of awkward
moments during my work.

Because there are many, many times when your mouse travels over the text
box… and many, many times, for no reason, your view of your work gets
cluttered with these pop-up boxes appearing from the mouse rollover.
Really gets to drive you nuts during your work!

Is there a way that you could simply make that popup happen when you
actually CLICK on the blue bar? that would have a way more reasonable
effect on my work process.

thanks for giving it a thought! I didn’t think that this input was
suitable for a bug report.