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Iam new to commcare and I have been assigned a task to build a TB application. I want to register an index case ( a person who has tb) and their contacts (people living with the case index) and a suspect case ( person not living with the case index who is thought of having tb symptoms). Then, I need to follow up the contacts and refer them to health facility if they have tb symptoms. if the test is positive, then the contact must follow a treatment and added to case index list. Can help me with this? My problem is how many modules I have to add and how I should link them. Please, I Would appreciate any help from the community.

There are a few ways that you can approach this kind of app.

As a jumping off point, I’d recommend organizing your case structure so that your “index” cases and “contact” cases are both the same case type (e.g. “member”, using a case property (e.g. “is_index”) to distinguish between the two. This will make it easy to convert a “contact” case into an “index” case, since all you’ll need to do is set the “is_index” property to “yes”. Then, in your index case list, you can add a Case List Filter to only show cases where is_index = “yes”.

To relate index and contact cases to each other, I would recommend, if possible, first to create a “household” case. Then, either in the household registration form, or as a follow-up form, you can register individual member cases as Child Cases of the household.

A very basic app structure for the above might look like this:

  • Household Module
    • Household Registration Form
    • Household Member Registration Form
  • Index Case Module (case_type: member, Case List Filter: is_index = “yes”)
    • Index Case follow-up forms for treatment

This part is only relevant if the health facilities that you’re referring patients too ALSO have an app, but if that’s the case you can take a look at the Referrals in CommCare page for some ideas on how to set this up.

I hope this at least gives you a good jumping off point! I’m not quite sure how the “suspect” cases fit into your overall workflow, but if you can give a bit more detail regarding them I can try to help you out with those as well. Let me know if anything is unclear or if you have any follow-up questions!

Thanks Cody Stahl for your help but I can try to write the whole workflow of the TB App I have been assigned to build.

I. There are two Tb cases that are to be registered:

  • index case (person who has Tb already identified) and their contacts in a household, but the community health worker doesn’t have to register the household’; They must register only the index case and their contacts. If contacts are children over 1 and under 5 years, they are referred immediately to health facility and start isoniazid preventive treatment for tuberculosis
  • Suspected case (a person not living with the index case who is thought of having Tb symptoms). The contacts of a suspected are not registered.

II. Follow up with the contacts of the index case and the suspected case during 5 visits. If in one of the visits, the contacts show signs of tb, then they are referred to a health facility for test where the CHW will go and check the test result by a filling out a referral follow up form. If the test is negative, the CHW continues with the visits, but if the test is positive, the contact must be added to the index case list (people with TB) and start treatment.

III. lost to follow up (follow patients in the community)

Thanks in advance for any help from Commcare community