Linked Between Two Survey Forms

Hi Guys,

I have a question. How we will link to survey forms. For example, if I have question checkboxes. When I will choose a choice, I want a direct referral to another form, related to that choice.

Hi @Hassienh_Obead, you will probably want to save the variable for the question that you are using to reference another form as a case property. This will allow you to reference that variable in other forms, connecting the two forms. For example, in a separate form, you can make it so that questions only display if the respondent selected that particular choice in the question in the previous form.

Here are two useful articles on

  1. Case properties
  2. How to reference data from a case

I think you can also filter your cases such that when you are using the CommCare application, only people who selected that choice for the question you are using to connect the forms will be able to see that second, will appear on the list of people needing to complete that second, connected form.

I am not sure if you can jump from the middle of one form to a second form though, if that is in actuality what you are asking. You would first have to finish one form before going to a new one.

I will try to update my answer when I have a little more time. Hope this helps?