Limit (or block) the number of cases submitted per day

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I set up a frontline delivery application for submitting treatment data during a drug distribution campaign.
Users enter the targets (case name: target_case) once, just before the campaign. Then there is a form where they record treatment data (case name: treatment_case) at the sub-district level on a daily basis, following an aggregation of the data collected by health workers in each community. In summary, at the end of the day, they must, in the treatment data form, record the total number of eligible treated individuals residing in the communities within sub-district. This is done by first choosing the drug reporting date and then entering the treatment data by age group and sex.

Now I wanted to know how we can limit/block the number of submissions to one per user; in other words they will only be able to submit one record per day andper user. Then, they can obviously to that record if necessary but will not be able to resubmit a new record for that same day.



use custom user properties and a display condition on the forms

Thanks Mazz.

But how the display condition on the form will look like based on the dates?


refer to this post for counters

then refer to this for display conditions on forms

Form Display Conditions - CommCare Public - CommCare Public.

condition should be that the form counter is less than 1 and that last submission date is not equal to today

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