Java 17 upgrade (action required before Feb 24th, 2023)

Hello everyone,

Over the past few months, we’ve been working to migrate some of our core products, Formplayer and CommCare Android, to Java 17 and we are currently in the process of rolling those changes out. The reasons behind this upgrade, besides some strategic goals we have, it’s also motivated by our commitment to continuous improvement and, in this particular case, to take full advantage of the new features brought by the latest versions of Java, especially around performance and security.
At this point, this is more relevant to those maintaining their our version of CommCare Android, and while this bump is considerable, we don’t antecipate much disruptions, the changes to mobile developers' environment are:

  • Install JDK 17, if it’s not yet installed;
  • Ensure that in Android Studio preferences, Gradle JDK is set to the new version;
  • Remove any references in the local environment to removed java options, PermSize and MaxPermSize are the most common

Expect more updates in the upcoming weeks related to Formplayer and as always, don’t hesitate to report any issues you may encounter.


Hello everyone,

Following our previous announcement, we have released the infrastructure changes required to support the Formplayer Java 17 version. As always, the bulk of the work will be carried out by CommCare Cloud and the ask to those maintaining CommCare instances is to update their environments, find the steps here.
Please ensure that you go through that process before February 24 2023, the date we are planning to release the new version.