Issues with Repeated Questions on the Child Form Not Showing Up

Hi! I created a child survey form under a new case list (Image 1). I made it such that the Household Form would create an child case if the answer to the survey question, "Are there any children under 60 months of age who live in this household" is "Yes". I also save the variable capturing the number of children who are under 60 months as a case property under the child case (Image 2).

However, even if a household notes that they have children under 60 months old, the repeating questions that I put on the child form (or any of the questions for that matter; see Image 3), do not appear when I am testing the app? Is there any reason why?

See the images below for reference :

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated; thanks!

I can clarify the confusion here.

Upon completing your first form, the app is creating one child case attached to the parent for future followup, but in the current pattern you are following, those child cases will need to be selected one by one in the second module you created to have the second form filled out about each one. The app builder doesn't import the second form in as a sub-interaction within the first form.

You can instead just copy the repeat that you have inserted into the second form directly into the survey form and have the repeat group ask these questions directly within the first form. You can include questions from within the repeat directly into the Open Child Case config, and the app will create 1 child case for every repeat instance.

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Hi @Clayton_Sims, many thanks for your help!