Issues when uploading XLS to CCHQ - Single and Multi-select questions appear as Lookup Tables

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to test out Xform uploads on CommCare to make sure that I can safely upload past XLS forms in my possession and ensure that they work as intended. While there are issues that I've managed to resolve, I keep facing one issue that I can't seem to fix. All my select_one and select_multiple questions on XLS seem to transform to Lookup tables when uploaded onto CommCare and I can't seem to change that. Any tips on what to do differently to fix that? All my XLS forms are heavily reliant on both types of questions, so needing to change each one manually once uploaded onto CommCare to a Multiple Choice or a Checkbox question seems futile at this point.

Thank you.

i face the same problem , did you find any answers

I could not find any answers unfortunately. I will update the post in case I do get answers, but it seems that this is a technical challenge that has not been resolved between ODK and CCHQ.

you can use the offline converter
this issue has been fixed here :

Thank you mabojaib! So are you proposing using the offline converter instead of the online converter, despite the fact that the offline converter hasn't been updated since 2020? I have attempted to use the online converter multiple times to no avail.