Issue processing forms

We have an older server (we're about to upgrade), but it's having trouble processing some forms. The admin->System Health->System info output looks like this:

Any ideas on where to start troubleshooting this issue?
If I run:
top -c
I see a python 'run_form_websocket_feed' job running with high CPU usage - it's been like that for hours. Any pointers appreciated! Thanks!

Just bumping this in case anyone has any insight as to where to start troubleshooting something like this.
Restarting the server / services doesn't resolve the issue unfortunately.

EDIT this has been resolved. Actually restarting the pillowtop service resolved it. For some reason, it wasn't resolved after restarting the server which would include the pillowtop service, however restarting the pillowtop service independently after the server came up seems to have allowed it to continue as usual.