Issue: on live migration from s3_to_s3

Hi there,

I was trying to migrate from one Minio_object to another. I followed the steps from commcare-cloud: Migrate from one S3 backend to another | CommCare Cloud

Here is the steps i followed, but migration is not successful.

Configuration part

  1. Add localsettings.BLOB_DB_MIGRATING_FROM_S3_TO_S3: True in environments/echis/public.yml

Add/update settings in environments/echis/vault.yml

  • secrets.S3_ACCESS_KEY (new cluster)
  • secrets.S3_SECRET_KEY (new cluster)
  • secrets.OLD_S3_BLOB_DB_ACCESS_KEY (old cluster)
  • secrets.OLD_S3_BLOB_DB_SECRET_KEY (old cluster)

3.I also added the the OLD_S3 settings in public.yml file(which is not found on documentation), but gives sense to me

old_s3_blob_db_enabled: yes
old_s3_blob_db_url: ""
old_s3_blob_db_s3_bucket: 'echis'
old_s3_bulk_delete_chunksize: '200'

s3_blob_db_enabled: yes
s3_blob_db_url: ""
s3_blob_db_s3_bucket: 'echis'
s3_bulk_delete_chunksize: '200'

  1. Update configuration

commcare-cloud echis update-config

Miigration part:

  1. The first command, creates a directory for blob-migration logs. And It works without an issue

    cchq echis run-shell-command django_manage 'mkdir /opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs; chown cchq:cchq /opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs' -b

  2. Run the second command and brings an output
    cchq echis django-manage --tmux run_blob_migration migrate_backend --log-dir=/opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs --chunk-size=1000 --num-workers=15


Migration log: /opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs/migrate_backend-blob-migration-20210423T165218Z.txt
Processing 6446257 documents (~6446257 already processed): BlobMeta...
Processed 0/6446257 of 6446257 documents (6446257 previously processed).
waiting for workers to stop... (Ctrl+C to abort)

  1. the 3rd command is to see whether the log brings an error or not

cchq echis django-manage --tmux check_blob_logs /opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs/migrate_backend-blob-migration-20210423T165218Z.txt


Processing /opt/data/blobdb-migration-logs/migrate_backend-blob-migration-20210423T165218Z.txt

CTRL+C to abort