Issue in DET export values


I'm using the DET to export a case, overall it's working well and most of my values are correctly exported, but some fields are not exported or wrongly exported:

Here is a sample of my export case data, dirtectly download from commcare

What configuration do I need to put in the DET to avoid such situation ?




I will look into the configuration for the Data Export Tool, and see how to configure it to export email addresses and names instead of IDs.

What the DET is doing there is giving the IDs of the users, instead of their email addresses or names. Usually the DET is used for populating a relational database, and so the ID is what one wants, so that the field can be a foreign key to a table of users.

Are you exporting to a relational database? Would the users' IDs be useful to you? Or would you still prefer their email addresses and names?



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Thank you for your response @Norman_Hooper, glad to read you

  • My preference would be to keep the user email, I do not need the ID
  • Do you also have any idea why the "last_modified_date" is not exporting ? this occurs in all 10 cases that I export, and it's the only field that have this issue (all other, including other dates works well)

I use the DET to generate a csv file that I then import into Google BigQuery. Here is what my DET script looks like

Hi @Norman_Hooper,

Kudos to @Michel_Akkaoui_de_So that gave me the solution: I did not know that the DET needed to be manually updated with the right metadata

All described here if anyone else face the same situation: Metadata Glossary - CommCare Public - CommCare Public