Is it possible to make Geo Trace or Geo Shape using location feature?

Hi All,

I need your support for clarification and add-in. I would like to know how to save location as polygone or polyline using location feature. For example on this picture you can see an exemple of this feature on ODK.

Because I want to shape some plots and having the shapefile so I can use it in GIS Software or calculate directly the area of the geo shape.

Hi Aliou,

Thank you for posting this feature request! We are currently evaluating a geospatial widget to possibly provide as an added feature in CommCare.

Do you mind sharing more details about your use case, such as: what do you intend to use the calculated areas for? Where is your project located? What connectivity and conditions will it be used in?

Also if you have interest in participating in our beta group for this widget, please let us know.

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your answer. This is a good news.
In my case, I plan using this feature to calculate are of our demonstrations plots and market gardening. I would like to do it directly with CommCare instead of using an GPS receiver to do it.
My project is located in Mali (West Africa Country).
For connectivity, Data should be collected offline because some of area of intervention are not covered by network. So our field agent will collect offline and then sync when they have accessed to network or wifi connexion.

Yes, I’m interested to be part of the beta group for this widget.

Thanks for support:+1:t5:

Thanks for sharing, Aliou, and glad to hear that this feature has resonance in a workflow with an agricultural focus.

We will reach out when the feature is ready for beta, likely within the next 1-2 months.