IOException while getting localized text

Hi all,

I didn’t change any configuration. Therefore I can use current commCare application in mobileApp. On the other hand, I confirmed following message from today only when I used it mobileApp at Web. Even if I reverted previous version, this issue was not solved. Could you tell me how to remove this issue?

IOException while getting localized text at reference jr://springfile/formplayer_translatable_strings.txt class path resource [formplayer_translatable_strings.txt] cannot be opened because it does not exist

Hi Satoshi,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused here. We were facing an issue on webapps and app preview over the weekend, which has been resolved by our developers.

Please reach out to us if you continue to face any issue.


Hi Kishan,

Thanks for your information.
Now, I confirmed that my issue was solved.