Intergration Link not updating with new data

Hi All

I have an excel integration link that I use with power bi, and I have noticed that for a week now the link “refreshes” but he Dataset is not refreshed, so when I refresh my power bi dashboard it doesn’t update obviously.

The dataset file has been 26.3MB for over a week now and I know there’s new data coming in because when I download the data the conventional way I see the new data?

What am I missing here?


Hi @Tumi

Have you checked the filters in your dashboard feed link settings? See below:

If that doesn’t seem to be the issue then I would just do a new query in Power BI with the same URL to see if the new data shows up. If it does you’ll have narrowed down your issue to be your Power BI report is somehow filtering the data.

Good luck.

Hi Tony

Thank you so much, It was as simple as that…I messed with the filters a while back and forgot to set them back.


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