Integration with powerBI

hi Commcare people :slight_smile:
so I am trying to create some dashboards using PowerBI, I walked through steps taken from a previous post in this forum, I have created the Excel dashboard integration, copied the link, then in PowerBI created a new blank query, then using the advanced editor I copied :
Source = Web.Page(Binary.Buffer(Web.Contents(“Url”)))

in URL I inserted mine so I think everything was going well, but I get the error in the image below:

can anyone please tell me what to do? or how to solve this?

thanks in advance


Just a wild guess, but it looks like your quotation marks might have been replaced by unicode quotation marks.

Can you try replacing the “”'s surrounding the url with " symbols that you type from your keyboard? It might correct the issue.


turned out the quotation marks is the problem, everything is working now
thanks clayton :slight_smile: