Integration with GoogleMaps (or other nav app)

Hi all,

I am collecting GPS data (through a manual capture question, not autocapture) when I register new cases. I also have a follow up form for each case, and I was wondering if it’s possible to integrate GoogleMaps (or some other navigation app) into the follow-up form, so that if I save the GPS data to case details in the registration, I can then open the follow-up form, click on the GPS coordinates, and they will pull up in GoogleMaps to direct me from current location, to that case location.

I would guess it would be possible to just select the coordinates, copy them, switch apps, and paste in GoogleMaps, but that process is a bit cumbersome, so just wondering if it’s possible to streamline.


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This is pretty simple in CommCare!
Steps below:

  1. Make sure the GPS Coordinates are saved as a Case Property during follow-up or case registration
  2. Go to Case Details and add the case gps coordinate as a property and Format it as Address
  3. Save the changes
  4. Deploy the new version and Update your App
  5. Keep your phone connected to internet
  6. Open the follow-up form, record GPS Coordinates for the case
  7. Select the case, check its Case Details, go to the GPS Coordinate field and tap on Show Address
  8. :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes! You can actually do a lot more with geospatial data in CommCare and you can read more about this topic here.


Thanks for the instructions, Chaiwa!
I’ll give it a try!