Integration with Exasol

Hi there,

I was wondering if other users have integrated Commcare with Exasol, and wether or not this an integration of this kind is in the pipeline for future developments?

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Hi Chloe,

The CommCare Data Export Tool lets you pull your data into a Postgres database and keep it up-to-date. I’m not familiar with Exasol. Please see this wiki page for more information on the Data Export Tool:

  • Ethan

Hi Chloe!

A number of teams utilize the CommCare Export Tool (or the HTTP API’s directly) to maintain a warehoused SQL version of the data that is collected by CommCare HQ in a Postgres database.


We already use the Commcare export tool to load data into a Postgres database. As we are using Exasol for other projects though we were wondering if there are any plans on making the export tool compatible with other databases such as Exasol as that would prevent us from having to work with two different databases.

Hi Naledi!

I can forward along that feedback to our product team for sure.

As a potential second option, I wanted to mention that the export tool is modularized for different back-end services, and that the team is always happy to receive Pull Requests for extending functionality, so adding support for the Exasol database directly to the tool may be a good option to explore.


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