Indexing case properties in casedb


Is there a way to index a specific case properties in the casedb in order to make some calculations / filtering faster on the mobile app?



Hi Guillaume,

Currently there’s no dynamic indexing of case properties to improve specific queries. The generally indexed properties are





The first 4 properties are generally implicit from app structure, but @external_id can be used in an app or project space specific manner by setting the external_id case property.

Since larger case loads are appearing more frequently and device resources increasingly support more indexing, there are efforts from some of the developers to add a couple more indexed property sets, although they are not currently available. As I understand it, the current working plan is to index the properties state and category.

There won’t be any immediate benefit, but if you build your app around these two property names an upcoming release should provide you with new indexes which can query them with the same performance that you can currently query @case_type


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for the details. I think we will try to use @external_id and see how this works for us. On a side note, I would suggest, if technically possible, making the indexed properties a user configurable thing in order to keep some coherence in the semantics of variables names, which would be better for maintainability of the applications. There's certainly a risk in opening this but advanced users already thinking of indexing should also, (hopefully) know not to index too many properties.