"Incomplete info" email

I've just noticed a new email in my inbox today, possibly related to a newer deployment?
The email subject reads "Incomplete Self Started Domains" and the email body reads:
"Here is a list of self started projects which have incomplete info and over 200 form submissions"

Has this been added to the code base recently, or should I be checking my system for something?


Hi Ed,

No this has always been here, at least for the past 2 years. I usually get it along with the 4x 'belongs to valid domains' emails each week.


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Interesting! I have not received it at all other than this recent one. Any idea which incomplete info it's referring to?

Sorry not really, I had assumed they were a byproduct of linking our emails into the instance, and I was now getting the internally (Dimagi) directed maintenance emails. I had assumed the 'Incomplete' status came from it being removed from the Dimagi environment...
What was interesting was that Dirk was running some monitoring processes the other day and I was getting these emails hourly instead of the usually weekly. fyi

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OK cool, I'll keep an eye on them, they could be related to maintenance tasks I guess.

I think those "incomplete info" emails are only relevant to SaaS environments - I'll see if I can easily put that behind the IS_SAAS_ENVIRONMENT setting. It flags domains that have over 200 form submissions and are missing info on this page: /a/<domain>/settings/project/internal/info/

The "belongs to valid domains" emails are also general maintenance alerts intended to monitor for data integrity issues that are also probably only applicable to SaaS environments.

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Thanks, that makes sense now. It could be useful info per workspace.