In Need of Efficient Way to Delete Respondent Data from CommCare

Hi! I have a CommCare project with a lot of applications for previous studies. We are in the process of deleting the data of studies whose protocols have since been closed, but we also want to keep the forms that were used to collect data (i.e. we want to keep the surveys but not the survey data).

Is there an efficient way to go about doing so? Any input regarding this would be much appreciated!

Hi! I just wanted to circle back regarding this. It seems that in any given application, you have the option to archive the forms. However, is there a way to completely delete the forms from the project and application?

Also, I just wanted to confirm that even if the forms are archived/deleted, the survey questionnaires used to collect the data would still be intact unless the actual application is deleted, correct?

Any input regarding this would be much appreciated! Thanks!