Importing excel cases into commcare

I have Parent and Child case data that I am configuring in Excel for import into CommCare. I am unsure how to configure my CommCare form to receive these cases. Thank you in advance for your support and contributions.

Hi Jacques. Please follow this link to understand how cases are imported with Parent-Child relationships. It gives very good detail and comprehensive steps to follow in uploading.

Regarding accessing these cases through a form, it depends on the need and type of form (Registration or Follow-up). For that, you can read this.

Feel free to come back to the thread in case you have some trouble.

Good luck!

Thank you @emwaka14 for your quick response.
I appreciate the document you shared with me. Regarding the form type, I would like to import the data into the follow-up form.
Best regards.
Jacques N

Hi Jacques.

For this, then the second link will be able to help you! If you want to follow up on a case and do some edits and/or updates on it's properties, then you can use the follow-up form case management settings. The steps in there are detailed and will help a ton in setting up.

Unless you are looking to do a very particular thing, the documentation should suffice.

All the best.

Hi @emwaka14 ,
Thanks again for your support. I appreciate it.
best regards.