Imported properties not available in App Properties window in Form Builder

I have imported new properties with associated values using the Case Import from Excel function. These properties do not have questions associated with them and never will. They are the results of an analysis done outside of CommCare and imported periodically.

The import appears to have worked based on the fact that these properties now appear in the list of properties available when designing a new Case Export. However, the new properties do not appear in the App Properties window within Form Builder.

I’m creating a new form that will display the values of these new imported properties and I would normally do this by dragging and dropping the property names into the label text. I obviously can’t do this if the properties are not in the App Properties window.



Hi Simon,

Referencing imported case properties can be less than seamless with Easy
References. Check out this wiki page and hope it helps:

Good luck!


Thanks for this. We were able to code our way out of this problem in the way suggested but we now have errors everywhere but things are working. I will follow the wiki link you gave me to get rid of these errors.

I attach a couple of screenshots for you. The data displayed is from an analysis done outside of CommCare.