Imported cases and display issue

I have imported cases, and used existing id to do that. But when it is displayed on phone - the Id is not visible. The importing has created a column called external_id and I cant display that now. Can any one help on this?

Hi zekarias,

I’m not sure I’m quite understanding your question, so I have a few followups:

If you look at one of the imported cases in the Case List on HQ, is the ID you are attempting to display listed in the case data as “external id”?

If so, is HQ’s mobile case list definition preventing adding a column displaying “external_id”?


Thank you for the reply!

I have already an id column on the data I am trying to import called xxxx_id.

So, during importing: under Case Options I choose “xxxx_id” in Excel column drop down, and External ID in Corresponding case field.

This I think is copying my xxxx-id values to a new column called external_id. Which I dont want to use in the future, but if that is even a must, I couldnt find the external id property under the Display Properties option of Case List for the case - preventing me from displaying it on the Mobile.


Sorry, when I say the case report online I’m referring to the screen on CommCAreHQ that you see when you navigate to Reporting on the top bar, then choose Case List and find one of the uploaded cases.

That will show you all of the data that’s stored on the current case. Do you see the field you uploaded in that view with the original or a new name?