Import cases from Excel- import repeat group questions

Hi, I have a household form that includes questions for children like age. And the children’s questions are in a repeat group “child_repeat”. If I want to import the age of each child, how can I do that? The tricky part is that households have different numbers of children. I’m on Importing Cases Using Excel, but it didn’t mention the repeat group case. Thanks!

I’m guessing you have two case types here - household and child, is that right? While in the app you can have one form which updates a household and multiple children, the case import will require you to manage those separately. You can do one case import for household cases, then a separate import for child cases, where each row is a child. This page has a description of how to connect the two.

Thanks, Ethan! However, the child info in our form is not a child case. It is still in the household case, but just a repeat group question. We have a child case but for a different matter.

I see. Repeat group questions cannot be saved to cases in an app or via case importer. What does the household form do with these repeat group questions?

Ah but we do need to import this information, do you know if there is another way around? We ask for household information which includes children information. Since the number of children in each household could vary, we ask the number of children in the household and use this number to create a repeat group question to ask the same set of questions to each child.

How do you access this information later? In an export or a report or something? You can do repeat groups in forms, so this information should be available in form exports or reports. Your app can’t be saving child information from a repeat group to the household case. It sounds like what you want is to import forms from Excel, is that right?

Case imports only perform case updates, so if you need to automate submissions of a form, you’ll need another approach. Aside from submitting the forms manually, you could consider using the form submissions API if you have a developer on your team.

On the first visit, we ask for all the information about the household and family members, and on the follow-up visits, we want to same some visit time by importing some of the information we collect on the first visit, like names, DOB, so that the interviewer can view and update the answer if needed. So we don’t want to import the entire form from Excel, just some of the questions. Could you send me some links about form submission? I couldn’t find very relative information on the help page. We don’t have a developer but I can have a look at it. Thanks!

Here’s the page for the form submissions API.

If you are able to load child names into a second form, then they must be saved to a case. CommCare won’t let you save repeat group questions to a case - are you possibly joining all the child names in a hidden value and saving that?

Could you post a screenshot of the case management page’s “Save Questions to Case Properties” configuration and of the question in the form referenced there which contains the child names?