Import cases from Excel doesn´t appear

Hello. I have the standard plan with three applications created. The first is the one I have been using and that does have the option to import cases from Excel. But the new one that I created to test the data import does not give me that option. Only appears to reassign cases. I want to test import cases option on the application without data so as not to ruin the one I already have advanced.

I need an answer. Thanks in advance.

Hi Marcos,

Are the 3 applications under the space project space?

Please note that Case Importer feature is available on Project Spaces on Standard Plan or higher. In other words, the Case Importer feature is not available on Project Spaces on our Community Plan.

To understand the plan associated with your Project Space, go to Project Settings > Current Subscription

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,
Senior Product Manager

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Hi Dev

Thank you very much for your help! That guidance call was really helpful.


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